When it comes to your senior portraits, there is a lot of wiggle room regarding wardrobe. Take this opportunity to dress a little extra GLAM or FUNKY, all while capturing who you are. There a are however, a few DO's and DONT'S to remember…

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•wear bright, solid colors

•wear LAYERS. They look great on camera, and offer a lot of different looks easily.

accessorize, including: hair, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

•wear large, bright patterns if you choose to wear a pattern at all

• bring clothes on hangers that are ironed and ready to go. Crumpled, wrinkled clothes look bad in person and on camera.

***Also check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration***


• wear the wrong undergarments. A black bra does not look good under a white top, and vice versa.

•wear skirts that are too short when you sit

•wear jeans that ride too low when you sit

•bring your entourage. This is your moment!! :)

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What Time?


Before 10 am

After 6 pm


After 2 pm

Before sunset 

What To Bring?

-anything that represents you

-sport uniforms

- class rings




-fun sunglasses


-and a fun attitude 

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